Miztique Handbag

Miztique Crossbody Handbag

I’m on the hunt for a quality handbag that’s also affordable. I will spend the money a designer handbag if I find something I love. A TJ Maxx store opened in Saint Charles, so I went to see what handbags they had.

TJ Maxx is a place you can get name brand items highly discounted. I have seen luxury beauty brands more than 60 percent off. I immediately went to the handbag section, and they had a little bit of everything, even bags I haven’t seen at Nordstrom.

An Inside Look at The Miztique Handbag

I spotted the brand Miztique, a brand with vegan leather handbags. The Miztique crossbody I chose is a neutral taupe with light gold hardware. I couldn’t grab this handbag fast enough! And to my surprise, the price was $29.99.

The size of the handbag is perfect! There’s a zipper that opens to another compartment where you can hide items. There’s also a pouch for your phone and keys while running in and out of stores.

The interior of the designer collection handbag has two small pouches for medicine, keys, and any small items you don’t want to lose. The other side has a generously-sized zipper compartment for things I don’t use daily. The zipper on the bottom extends, allowing for additional room. The option to expand the handbag is an excellent feature!

This Miztique handbag is great for when I go into the office on Tuesdays, and I don’t want to use my STATE Bags backpack. It has more than enough room to fit everything without weighing down the bag, which makes it too heavy.

Visit TJ Maxx Or Miztique For A Quality Handbag That Won’t Break The Bank

Finding a quality handbag that’s also affordable doesn’t have to be a difficult task thanks to stores like TJ Maxx. The store can be hit or miss because they don’t always know what brands or items they’re going to get. So, when you do find something, it’s a total surprise. That’s how I feel about Miztique. I even went back for the same bag in another color!