Empties - Various Makeup Products

2019 is the year I’m going to use up most of my makeup and skincare products. I’ve had to toss out a lot of makeup in the past. Not in 2019! After several months of putting this off, I’ve finally gone through my empties bag to talk about what I liked and didn’t like so I can finally get rid of these products.

Empties: What I Liked


There were quite a few items I loved, but these were the standouts. I had several tubes of Exederm for Eczema & Dermatitis, which I won’t be using anymore. It works great for a week or two, but then that’s it. I was recently in immediate care, and the doctor told me to stop using that and sent in a prescription for me. So, why is this in what I liked? Because it does work. My Eczema is so bad that I need something stronger.

Empties - Drunk Elephant

Empties - Exederm

Empties - Face Wipes


For brow products, my holy grail has always been my MAC brow pencils. Flower Beauty also has a great Draw the Line Brow product, as well as It Cosmetics, and L’Oreal. For eyeliners and mascara, it’s the usual favorites: Flower Beauty Liquid Liner, Physician’s Formula Eye Booster, and the Clinique High Impact Mascara.

Empties - Eye Products


I went through quite a few lip products, but the only real standouts were my Fresh Rose Lip Balm (a holy grail!), Tarte Lip Scrub, Colourpop Peacocky, Hourglass Liberator, and Tom Ford Indian Rose lipstick (all-time favorite). I love the Peacocky lipstick, and I wish they still sold it.

Empties - Lip Products

Empties: Everything I Didn’t Like

With these products, I either had an allergic reaction, the color wasn’t right, or it was not good. Please keep in mind, because it didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it may not work for you.

Empties - Didn't Like Products

Empties: Expired Products

I’m in the process of apartment hunting, which means it’s time to declutter. When it came to going through my makeup, if I couldn’t remember when I purchased it, and it could be past the expiration day, it went in the bag. A lot of items, unfortunately, had to go because I couldn’t remember when I got them, if I used them, or if I even liked them. Doing this will quickly eliminate things you don’t need.

Empties - Expired Products

How long does it typically take you to go through your makeup products? Are you in need of a beauty clearout?