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Ombre Tweezers LaTweez

The way your brows look can make an immense difference. Because they are what people notice first, having almost flawless brows is something that many people are striving to achieve. Many professional says that your brows should look like brother and sister, and not twins. While I do agree, I can’t help but try and make them look like twins– which I fail at every single time.

LaTweez Illuminating Tweezers With Diamond Dust Tips

There are so many products on the market to help get you the flawless brows you’ve been looking for. One product that stands out is the luxurious line of illuminating tweezers from LaTweez. These tweezers have received so much buzz that there’s currently a 150,000-person wait list. You know I’m going on the waitlist! The tweezers, which ranges from $36 to $38, are the most stylish tweezers that I’ve ever seen. One standout feature is that it illuminates and has a Diamond Dust tip technology to help you create the best grip surface, allowing for effortless plucking.

I’m a baby when it comes to plucking, and if this makes it easier with both plucking and the pain, I’m all for it! I have my eyes on the Lavender Sky Ombre  + Diamond Dust since lavender is my favorite color.

About The LaTweez Illuminating Tweezers

According to the LaTweez website, these were crafted from the finest stainless steel, and the hand filed tips are aligned perfectly and guaranteed to tweeze. The ultra bright LED light illuminates the eyebrows, which will allow you to see those really hard to reach hairs. These are great for at home and on the go thanks to the carrying case that has a built-in magnifying mirror. Even the case is cute and chic! You can order your set of Illuminating Tweezers conveniently online! Which color are you going to get? Let me know in the comments below!